Eureka Place Hotel

At Eureka Place, we pride ourselves with high levels of cleanliness and quality attention to our clients. Our well groomed and presentable staff provides a courteous, personalized service to our clients all the time. We attribute much of our rapid growth to good reference from our satisfied customers. Our Motto “…simply escape from the ordinary.

Eureka place has resorted to bringing to its customers joy by the introduction of an occasion package which is beautiful, styled, calculated, and ideal to bring elegance and good arrangement to the ceremony. Great sources for beautifully presented wedding ideas; this collection of items has inspired many and has helped to make the guests feast for their eyes. At Eureka Place, we make every guest escape from the ordinary.


Our Vision

To become the preferred service providers in accommodation management and support services in Uganda.

Our Mission

To provide the most reliable, innovative and cost effective accommodation management services in Uganda.

Our Standard


Kampala Time Zone

As with the rest of Uganda and East Africa, Kampala’s time zone is +3 hours ahead of GMT during northern hemisphere winter, and +2 hours ahead of GMT during northern hemisphere summer


Health and Safety Tips

Before you leave home, we suggest that you contact your doctor or medical adviser or a travel clinic for advice. The following checks are usually recommended; Typhoid, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Malaria and yellow fever vaccine.


Uganda Currency

The official currency is the Ugandan Shilling or Ugx/Ush. You may find some services in and around the city being priced in dollars i.e. usd. You are advised to carry along some local currency for various services and smaller items (cross-town taxis, refreshments, small souvenirs etc.). It is wise to make any currency exchanges from a well recognized area like Forex bureaus, or banks. You are strongly advised not to exchange money on the street with local touts.


Required Documentation

All local natives require a valid identification i.e. either a national ID or a passport at the time of check-in and around the hotel. All internationals and tourists traveling to the Hotel require a valid passport with at least 3 months on it. Extra Note for internationals: You may consider holding a yellow vaccine card/certificate to ease your travel clearances at the airport or on the Uganda’s boarder.

Our Terms and Conditions of Operation

Payment policies

  1. Booking/confirmation of services is valid on payment of at least 50% of the total amount due and accompanied by an LPO.
  2. Booking cancellation will result in 90% refund when made 14 days to the event, 80% refunds when made 7 days to the event and no refunds when made to actual day of the event.
  3. A discount of 2% will be made on the total amount due when full payment is made on booking.
  4. Our pro-forma invoice is only valid for 30 days and must be signed by any director or authorized personnel of Eureka Place Hotel and Suites. A re-confirmation with the issuing authorized person of this pro-forma invoice is necessary.
  5. All rates are subject to change due to changes in government Tax requirements.
  6. Payments of the above total amount can be made by cash, cheque or electronic transfer in Uganda Shillings, dollars or Euros at the prevailing exchange rates.
  7. Any payment that exceeds 30 days after closure of event attracts interest on the ruling market rate.

Security policies

  1. For security purposes, all people visiting the hotel premises MUST be professionally checked at the check point/entrance by the security officer. This is to ensure company security and individual security.
  2. In case of any personal valuables like important documents, money, declare them at the reception for detailed security. The company will not be liable to loss of anything that has not been declared or damaged due to natural causes.
  3. No fire arms of any type may be allowed inside the hotel premises unless otherwise authorized by top management on a clear notice and permission.
  4. All guests MUST carefully lock the doors to their rooms when in and out. The company will not take charge/ responsibility of lost items due to carelessness.
  5. Additionally, the keys MUST be declared or left at our front office/ reception when the guest leaves the room.
  6. All guests of the hotel by law are required to register fully at the reception desk and declare their full identification while the hotel management has the right of no admission on certain conditions prevailing at the period of time stipulated.

Convenience policies

  1. Our check out time is 10:00am. For late check out, please liaise with management.
  2. For comfort of residents; In case of a function, party or any other event, loud music is not allowed beyond 10pm (East African time), except with management notice.
  3. All guests are entitled to quality services. In case of any inconvenience, kindly notify our management team and there is always a duty manager till late.
  4. Our restaurants are open between 7am to 10pm daily. Breakfast is officially served between 7am and 10am, Monday to Friday. While for Saturday and Sunday, it is served between 7am and 11am.
  5. Smoking is not allowed in most public areas within the hotel. Kindly ask our front office for specially gazette smoking places/rooms.


  1. Drinks, open snacks and fresh foods are not allowed into the hotel. If one desires to bring in food items of any kind, they must be declared at the gate and notification given to security and management. The company will not be liable or responsible for any dangers or damages caused due to food items from the outside.
  2. In case of room service, kindly specify the order to our staff, including the time you intend to have your meal and how you want it served.
  3. This is completely an environment free from alcohol/ tobacco encounters.

Facility policies

  1. No company facility or valuable is allowed out of the hotel premises except with management notice and clear permission.
  2. Guests are encouraged to use company facilities with utmost care. An individual will be responsible or charged for careless damages caused.

All terms and conditions apply.