Other Services

We provide Spa treatments for all our customers, we have physical fitness center, and gift shops to fit all your needs.


Massage @Eureka Place

We offer Aromatherapy massage treatment that involves a series of movement i.e, Rubbing, Pressing, Kneading that are relaxing and stimulating. Give your mind and soul a treat with this therapy. Touch your mood, calm down anger, emotions, mind tiredness and exhaustion. We use natural herbal oils extracted from plants such as lavender, Rosemary, Clay Sage, Melisa, Eucalyptus etc. We provide aroma massage with essential oils and hot warer, Facial deep cleansing, Foot massage/ body scrubbing, full and half body massage


Physical Fitness @Eureka Place

We have a wide range of classes that include, Kick Boxing and Mix Martial Art, Zumba, yoga, dance fitness, weight loss and body pump.