Eureka Place- Hotel/ Suites; Kampala is a luxury facility for your treasured Guests’ accommodation while in Kampala city. It’s a unique facility with excellent room accommodation for up to 90 rooms (all with En-Suite facilities, Air conditioning, Telephone and Wireless Internet links). The place has: the Leah Lounge (for Business meetings and general Lounging), the Rose Room / Restaurant (for meetings and banqueting); the Amaani Area, Amaani Halls (for executive conferencing/ meetings / corporate parties), the Exclusive Guest Entertainment Courtyard, a guest/ member swimming Pool supported by a fully equipped Kitchen and ample gardens. It’s located along Spear-Ntinda road opposite Ntinda New market (Plot 16 Vubyabirenge Road). The Place is located in an exclusive residential neighborhood and has easy access to Kampala Central Business district through the Jinja – Kampala highway (approx. 6km from Kampala city center). It’s is also ideal for Guest Accommodation, Business Lunches & Dinners, Private/Corporate Parties, Meetings, Seminars & Workshops (up to 200 people). Please Download the Current Tariff Sheet Here For all your Reservations and Bookings email us on info@eurekauganda.com or call +256 414 287 036 /+256 783 800808

Other facilities include


  • 24hr front desk
  • Conference facilities
  • Airport transfer
  • Car Park
  • In house chef
  • Laundry facilities
  • Tour guides
  • Car hire services
  • Dinning patio/Restaurant facilities
  • 24 hour security
  • DSTV set
  • Internal Telephone
  • Room service and deliveries
  • Internet facilities.
All rooms have


  • Good beds
  • Ample space
  • In-built shower rooms
  • Air conditioners
  • Wireless internet with high speed
  • DSTV connections for individual controls.